Game On!

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Game On! is a competition ladder for two player games like Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Pool, Chess, Tennis, Street Fighter and so on. Players on the ladder are ranked using the Elo Rating system, made famous by the FaceMash website on The Social Network.

Game On! is a mobile web-app which you can install on any server that runs IIS. Once installed you can connect to the app via a mobile (or desktop) browser. The ladder will rank players of any two-player game where matches cannot result in a draw. It can be used for team-sports as well. The jQuery mobile user interface allows match results to be updated from the field, court or table. Player's are instantly ranked as soon as the match is played.

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The Elo Rating system is a very good algorithm for ranking players, and is used by international sports bodies to calculate world rankings. It works just as well for ranking players in your workplace or social club.

Game On! is lean and simple. Its only function is to rank players on a ladder. The current ladder can be exported as CSV for posting, or for seeding a tournament. History and stats of all matches and ratings are stored in a SQL Compact Edition database.

Libraries used by this app

Thanks to the authors of the following packages for their superb contributions to opensource.
And also to Luke Durrant for his C# implementation of the Elo Rating algorithm, which was adapted for use by this project.

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