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Game On! is a competition ladder for two player games like Table Tennis, Pool, Chess, Tennis, Street Fighter and so on. Players on the ladder are ranked using the Elo Rating system, made famous by the FaceMash website on The Social Network.

Game On! is a mobile web-app which you can install on any server that runs IIS. The ladder will rank players of any two-player game where matches cannot result in a draw. It can be used for team-sports as well. The jQuery mobile user interface allows match results to be updated from the field, court or table. Player's are instantly ranked as soon as the match is played.

How to Play

You will need a game, a group of willing participants, and Game On! installed on a server where you can access it from your mobile or computer. Game On! is designed for mobile web browsers, but works great in desktop browsers as well (Chrome works best with jQuery Mobile for some reason).

Log on to the URL for your local Game On! installation and you will see the home page.


When you are ready to challenge a player, click Play!


Enter Player 1's name (if they are not already registered) and click Go.


Player 1's name is now displayed in the title bar. The number in brackets is their current rating, which starts at 1,000. Enter Player 2's name (or choose one from the list of registered players, if any) and click Go.


Now go and play the match. When the match is over, select the Winner (Game On! does not support draws) and optionally enter the score. The score can be in any format and is for record keeping only. It is not used to calculate the ranking. Click Done.


Both players' ratings are instantly recalculated and displayed. Click Finished to return to the home page.


The home page displays a timeline of messages about match results and changes in the top ranking place on the ladder. Now get other players to challenge and play matches, and to enter the results in Game On! as above. After a few matches you will have enough results to view the Ladder. Click Ladder on the nav bar.


The Ladder page displays a ranking of all Players who have played at least one match. They are ranked in order of their rating. Alice is the top ranking player on this Ladder as her rating of 1,035 is higher than any other player. Also displayed is a summary of played / won / lost statistics and a sparkline showing a trend of a player's ratings for all time. Tap a player's name to see a summary for that player as well as recent matches that they have played.


Click the Matches button on the toolbar to see a list of all recent matches that have been played.


Exporting the Ladder

The current Ladder rankings with Player details and match summaries can be exported as CSV for posting, or for seeding tournament pools. Click the Ladder button on the nav bar and scroll to the bottom of the list. Click Export Players as CSV. You will be prompted to save the CSV file.


The CSV includes match stats and is ordered by current ranking.


If you have any questions about using Game On! See Discussions.

Have fun! Please tell us about your tournaments and how you use Game On! We would love to read your stories in Discussions.

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