Installing on IIS

To get Game On! up and running you will need a Windows Server or any computer that runs IIS (Windows 7 on a desktop for example) accessible from your LAN.

You could also host Game On! on any Windows hosting plan that supports .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC 3. You don't need a SQL Server hosting plan because the app ships with a SQL Compact Edition database that does not require any installation (it's a single file in the App_Data folder).

Note however that there is absolutely no authentication built in to Game On!. If you want to restrict who uses it you have several options in IIS including HTTP AUTH or NTLM Authentication.

This is not a step-by-step guide on how to install an ASP.NET application in IIS - there are plenty of those out there. Here are a few steps and things you should know.
  • Install ASP.NET MVC 3 on the IIS server, if it is not installed already
  • Install .NET 4.0 Framework on the IIS server, if it is not installed already
  • Create a wwwRoot folder for the Game On! website
  • Create an IIS Website
    • Ensure that the App Pool Framework version is .NET 4.0
  • Download the latest release which is a zipped Package folder
  • Copy the contents of the Package folder, including its sub-folders, into the wwwRoot folder created above

That's it. Browse to the URL of the website to start the app.

If you need any help, start a discussion.

Installing in a Virtual directory

Extract the contents of the "Package" folder to the physical location of your "GameOn" Virtual directory. Global.asax should be in the virtual directory root. If the app does not work then there is probably a configuration issue for your website or virtual directory.

The following instructions are for IIS 7 or IIS 7.5. If you are running IIS 6, the instructions are a bit different, start a discussion if you get stuck.

The trick is to ensure that a. the website is running .NET 4.0 Framework, and b. that the Virtual directory is running as an Application.

IIS Admin:
  • Expand the server node to the Website and check its Basic Settings. Ensure that the AppPool you have chosen is running .NET 4.0 and preferably, Integrated pipeline.
NET 4 App Pool.png
  • Right-click the Virtual directory. If you see "Convert to Application", click it. Or, remove the virtual directory and add a new Application.
Add Application.png

Hit the URL, including the Virtual directory alias, and the home page should load.

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